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To begin with, life can be frustrating without a Morgellons doctor on your team. Not knowing what medicine to take or how well it’s working is one benefit you’ll miss without a doctor’s expertise. Though it may seem like no doctors know how to treat Morgellons, the fact is more are learning about the condition every day. This article will help you find a knowledgeable physician in your battle against Morgellons.

Don’t Go In Alone

Many patients reject the notion of seeing a doctor after several bad experiences. But the fact is, things have gotten better recently! Now that we have a good idea of what Morgellons is, more and more doctors are starting to learn how to treat it.

Lyme Disease Training

Indeed, it’s often the doctors we currently see and trust that will benefit the most from the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Educational Foundation’s ILADEF PHYSICIAN TRAINING PROGRAM. The International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society, or ILADS, has developed a foundation of understanding through years of experience. With their training materials, your current physician can become knowledgeable about the complexities of tick-borne infections and the current methods of treating them.

Lyme Doctor Referral

Do you want to see a doctor already practicing the ILADS guidelines? Register on this page to get an email containing a list of ILADS certified physicians in a close radius. Global Lyme Alliance also provides a form for patients to find Lyme literate physicians near your location. Be aware that many Lyme and Morgellons patients travel great distances to see a good doctor they can trust for a positive experience.

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is a new way of practicing healthcare. This form will allow you to find a Functional Medicine Practitioner in your area. Be sure to call the office of the doctors you find and ask them if they are familiar with Morgellons disease specifically.

Letter to Psychiatrists and Dermatologists

This example letter to Psychiatrists and Dermatologists may help you work with your current team of physicians to either rule out or diagnose and treat and get your life back altogether!

Financial Assistance

Affording responsible treatment can be difficult, especially without health insurance or with an insurer who will not cover the costs. Fortunately, financial assistance is available for those suffering with Lyme disease. Financial Assistance – Global Lyme Alliance.

Here are 7 Organizations That Help You Pay for Lyme Treatment & Testing.

Morgellons Doctor

Several doctors and scientists researching Morgellons work directly with the ILADS organization. Because of this, Morgellons patients will likely have access to the latest information and study results. It is always recommended to have a trained physician on your team rather than fighting alone. Hopefully, this information will help you build the team you need to succeed in your fight against Morgellons.